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Reason No. 2: Great careers

TOP13REASONSStudy after study shows that college pays. In a recent New York Times article, analysis of college versus high school graduates shows clearly that a college degree is well worth the price. Although rising student debt is a concern, the author concludes that “a four-year degree has probably never been more valuable.” In many cases, it does not matter what your degree is–simply having a degree makes you valuable to employers. However, in the case of sustainability, our students have done particularly well in matching degree to career. Data from the US Census Bureau (summarized here) show that only 27% of graduates are working in jobs related to their major. Information from our graduates show that 46% of our BA and BS graduates are working in jobs directly related to sustainability. For students who stay on for a master’s degree in sustainability, that figure rises to 82%. The take home point is that because sustainability remains a growth field our graduates are in strong demand and finding careers related to their field of study.

The news on the job front is positive as well. Of the graduates we have been able to track, 87% are employed and another 12% are in graduate school. Of the students working, 67% are in the private sector. The School of Sustainability now has more than 600 alumni, an important resource for our current and soon-to-graduate students.

So, how do we prepare you for a career? The first and most important thing is giving you a fabulous education (stay tuned for more on our faculty). When we started the School of Sustainability, we made a couple of special investment to help you find your dream job. The first was a dedicated internship coordinator who works on your behalf to match you with meaningful internship opportunities (more on that later, too). The second is a recruitment development and corporate relations associate who works for current students and alumni to identify new career opportunities.  We also focus your education on solutions learning, engaging real-world clients on sustainability challenge. It is our goal to make sure you leave with a portfolio of experiences that make you competitive for careers in sustainability.

Our graduates are very talented people who have ended up in a wide variety of meaningful careers. Check out our Fast Facts page for more details on where some of our alumni have landed. I look forward to adding your accolades to our Fast Facts page four years from now. You will be joining a committed and engaged group of alumni who like you are looking to make a difference in the world.

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