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Reason No. 3: Support and guidance, or what you need to succeed

ladderThe School of Sustainability is the smallest college at Arizona State University, with about 350 undergraduate majors. One advantage of being small is that we can provide excellent support and guidance to you as you make your journey towards your degree. At the same time, you have access to the resources of a large university with top-notch research facilities and world-class faculty. In the school, we offer fantastic support that allows you to make the most of the best of a small college and large research university experience.

I want to draw your attention to a few of the investments we have made to ensure that you get the kind of support and guidance you need to succeed. The first is our excellent academic advising staff. When you walk into the Student Success Services offices on the first floor of Wrigley Hall (where SOS is located), you will be greeted by a team of very professional staff that is there to help you. Most students go to the office to meet with their academic advisors, individuals who are assigned to you to make sure you take the right courses at the right time so that you fulfill your degree requirements and graduate. But they are also a great resource to help you figure out how best to match your interests with the best courses and other activities – such as clubs and organizations – that will allow you to make your time at ASU the richest possible experience. It’s a great place to drop in if you any questions and I encourage you to get to know the wonderful staff we have on hand for you.

A second and quite extraordinary investment is in staff who are committed to providing you with a chance for real world learning. Early on in the school’s history we decided to create two staff positions that were dedicated to finding meaningful internship opportunities for you and begin to identify possible career opportunities. Hundreds of students (and alumni) have benefited from these services. We also created workshop courses that give you a chance to interact with real world clients who work with you to figure out a solution to their sustainability challenge. And we have created a curriculum that focuses on solutions learning, an innovative approach to teaching and learning that makes the solution, rather than the problem, the primary guiding principle and goal. All of these efforts are to make sure that when you finish the program, you are prepared to tackle real world issues with the right kind of knowledge and skills.  And you can be certain that all of our faculty and staff will be there to provide you with any support and guidance you need to succeed. Providing you with the absolute best educational opportunity is, without question, our number one priority.