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Reason No. 7: Meaningful Internships

Sustainability internship poster session 2 When the school opened its doors in 2007, we decided to make a special investment in a dedicated internship coordinator. Since sustainability was a very young field, we wanted to be sure that our students had the opportunity to show how they could add value to workplaces. We also recognized then, as now, that internships are important for building resumes and professional skills, and for giving our students a chance to try out what they learned in the classroom in the “real” world. You will find that the internship is a very rich and worthwhile experience and a really important part of your education. The School of Sustainability will be with you every step of the way to make sure it is a meaningful educational opportunity.

The internship program in the School of Sustainability has been a shining success. We now have more internships than students, a product of our excellent staff members who work tirelessly to identify the best possible opportunities for you. The first thing they do is match your interests to the internship. You will meet with the internship coordinator, talk about your studies and career goals, and then build a portfolio of opportunities. While you are pursuing your internship, you will enroll in a class offered by the internship coordinator. This is a skills building class that allows you to translate what you learn immediately to the internship experience. You will learn how to problem solve, work effectively in the workplace, and improve your professional communication skills. The highlight and culminating experience is a poster session where you and other students will summarize what you did and what you learned. Internship providers, as well as faculty and staff, come to the poster session. This is a great chance for you to reflect on your accomplishments and to meet and greet other potential employers.  The poster session is very fun and informative and you will walk away with another product for your portfolio. And remember, you can always do more than one internship!


Want to know more about how we will help you will find an internship? Have a look at this “Getting Started” guide.

Here are a couple of stories about internships students like you have benefitted from.

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  2. Sustainability Internship at Pepsico

If you have any questions about the program, please take a look at our internship page and feel free to contact us. The one thing we have heard from alumni is that it’s never too early to start planning for an internship.