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Doing our part to fill the sustainability deficit

Today I read a news story that cites the looming deficit in sustainability skills. Several corporations are working to fill the deficit of employees with sustainability skills through on-the-job training. Another story that appeared this past spring shows that nearly 80% of sustainability employees are pursuing new training because the scope of sustainability in organizations is growing rapidly. In the School of Sustainability, we are working hard to fill the present and future deficit in sustainability skills. I reported earlier that our graduates are doing exceedingly well in finding employment but increasingly they are getting jobs directly related to sustainability. We continue to revise our undergraduate curriculum to make sure that our alumni are able to make a difference and fill the growing need for sustainability professionals. Last night, I had the pleasure of attending an open house for the Executive Master’s in Sustainability Leadership. Current students had a chance to talk to incoming and prospective students. Two key messages I heard were : 1. the program was personally transformative and 2. students were immediately able to use what they learned in their current positions. It was a very positive and glowing assessment of the program, one that is meeting a very clear and real need. The future looks bright for sustainability students. The future needs more sustainability students. I invite you to explore some of the ways you can achieve an education in sustainability and do your part for building a better future for you and others: