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Anytime, anywhere education to tackle sustainability deficit

IMG_1862I have written elsewhere about the sustainability deficit, and what we and our graduates are doing to fill it. Data from our alumni surveys show that the demand for sustainability graduates is strong and growing. At ASU, the university is committed to offering sustainability education in as many formats as possible, from majors and graduate programs, to minors, concentrations, and certificates. At the end of last academic year, more than 1,700 students were enrolled in sustainability programs at ASU. Next year, I expect that enrollment to top 2,000.

Over the last 10 years, ASU and the School of Sustainability have become a world leader in sustainability education, research, and outreach. My goal is to make this expertise available to as many students as possible, regardless of what time zone they occupy or time constraints they face.

This past year, we launched the Master of Sustainability Leadership degree fully online. This was designed by sustainability faculty and practitioners to equip ambitious, dedicated individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to drive sustainability in a variety of private, public, and non-profit institutions, as well as the military.  We also launched fully online BA and BS degrees in Sustainability, programs that are internationally renowned as the gold standard. In addition to allowing students to take their degrees anytime, anywhere, the other purpose of the online offerings is to engage voices and experiences from around the world. Ultimately, sustainability is a global issue. I want students in the United States to interact with students from around the globe, to learn from one another, create bonds of friendship, and find ways to build a better future together that takes into account the diversity of needs and aspiration of people everywhere.

The world needs more sustainability graduates and we are dedicated to meeting that need. Think about what role you want to play in building a better, more sustainable future.