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ASU is all-in for sustainablity

This fall, another 150 students joined the School of Sustainability as majors and graduate students. In total, 2,000 students are enrolled in sustainability programs at ASU this fall. The School of Sustainability is committed to offering education to students in sustainability no matter what their major. This can range from a single course, such as the ever-popular Introduction to Sustainability, to concentrations, certificates, a minor, and double majors. We have also developed a very robust executive education and training program, one that links the expertise of our world class faculty to growing needs for sustainability training in the private, public, and non-profits sectors.

The reason we can reach all these audiences is because ASU is an “all-in” university when it comes to sustainability. And because ASU is a large, research-intensive organization, we can draw on the talent pool of 415 Sustainability Scientists and Scholars to tackle almost any sustainability question.

Our students benefit hugely from the sustainability expertise that has been fostered at ASU over the last dozen years. Over the next decade we will continue to engage globally by bringing students to ASU from around the world, in person and virtually through our excellent online programs. Last year we launched ASU’s first joint degree program with a foreign institution. With the MS in Global Sustainability Science students earn a degree from ASU and from Leuphana University of Luneburg, Germany. ASU and Leuphana students spend a semester abroad at each other’s university and work together on sustainability projects.

We have also created a global consortium of universities and research institutes focused on sustainability outcomes. The purpose is to work together to scale solutions to have a global impact.

All of these efforts are centered on our most important mission–educating students to develop practical solutions to the most pressing sustainability challenges. As we welcome another fabulous group of students to ASU, I share their excitement about the years ahead, what we will learn together, and how we will build a better future.

Photo from Camp SOS, Prescott AZ, Aug 2016
New School of Sustainability students at orientation camp in the cool pines of Prescott, AZ.