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Black Lives Matter

Sustainability is grounded in principles of justice for present and future generations. It is about being careful and respectful stewards of the planet while improving well-being, and neither is possible without social justice.  As a core principle of sustainability, social justice is something we must continuously strive and struggle for, with vigilance and dedication. A long history of racism and discrimination in the United States continues to have deadly consequences. We must do all in our power to stand up to racism and stop discrimination. Recent protests in cities across the country, including here in Phoenix, show that people are willing to take great risks to fight for and demand social justice. We should draw inspiration from their courage and bravery.

I stand in solidarity with #blacklivesmatter and the ASU Black African Coalition to redress the endemic racism and discrimination that undermines the ability of marginalized people to achieve their full potential. In the School of Sustainability and the new College of Global Futures, I will convene students, staff, faculty, and partners to formulate ideas and action plans for how we can use the power of ASU to work toward a more socially just tomorrow.  I hope you can join us.